“All Aboard for Global Goals” with Thomas & Friends relaunches on social media to promote learning from home during COVID-19

Series 22 of Thomas & Friends features six Sustainable Development Goals through nine television episodes that have aired in 19 languages and have reached 36 countries. The collaboration with the UN also promotes conversations and fun activities for children to learn about important global issues through a set of Parent Tips. More information: here

☚ Thomas and his friend Nia help teach viewers that boys and girls should have equal opportunities. 

Photo:Mattel, Inc.

The Pitch: UN Stories

Sophia Kianni is an 18-year-old climate and environmental activist from the United States
The Pitch: UN Stories

Turning "apathetic people into climate activists"; a young person’s view

Sophia Kianni, an 18-year-old environmental campaigner, tells UN News how she wants to “turn apathetic people into climate activists”. Originally from Iran, Sophia is one of seven young people from across the world who have been selected to participate in the UN Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change. She recently launched her nonprofit organization, Climate Cardinals, which has by now over 5,000 volunteers translating climate information into more than 100 languages and dialects. ☛ Read Full Story on UN News.