Youth bring ideas, passion, innovation, along with unique perspectives and experiences to the United Nations. In turn, Department of Global Communication (DGC) acknowledges young people as an asset and creative change makers.

  • Are you 18-32 years old?

  • Do you belong to a civil society organization associated with DGC?

  • Do you want to help make positive social changes – in your community,
    in your country and in the world?

  • Would you like to gain experience to help reach your education and career goals?

Contact the head of your organization to nominate you as a civil society Youth Representative to DGC. Each organization formally associated with DGC may appoint 2 youth representatives annually. Additionally, all young people, ages 18 to 32, are welcome to participate and engage with our youth programmes. 


DGC Civil Society Youth Representatives Programme

Established in 2009, the Department of Global Communication’s Civil Society Youth Representatives Programme serves as an advocacy platform to bring together young people ages 18 to 32 working within and/or leading civil society organizations that are in association with DGC and focused on issues on the agenda of the United Nations.

Civil Society organizations associated with DGC are allocated two UN grounds passes for youth. Over 550 young people representing 500 organizations from 100 countries across the globe are benefiting from the programme, giving them a voice on thematic issues of concern to youth. In so doing, young people in civil society are informed and better equipped to interact within civil society spaces at all levels and in their respective organizations. At the same time the Youth Representatives Programme offers DGC a unique advantage to strengthen its various youth platforms.

Civil Society Youth Representatives to DGC serve as liaisons for the interests of their organizations, creating opportunities for intergenerational dialogue and mentorship. Civil Society organizations based away from the United Nations Headquarters in New York often rely upon Youth Representatives to capture and relay crucial information. Building on the increased participation of youth at the 66th DPI/NGO Conference, held in Gyeongju, Republic of Korea, DGC (formerly DPI) established a Youth Steering Committee, whose primary role is to advise the department on effective ways to collaborate with and develop programme for young people. 

Youth at the 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference

Some of the Benefits and Activities Include: 

  • A yearly UN Grounds Pass which allows access to the UN Headquarters, in New York
  • A one-day Orientation Programme for Civil Society Youth Representatives to DGC
  • Access to documents promoting youth activities at the Civil Society Resource Centre
  • Access to youth-related public information events at the UN
  • Participation in the Civil Society Thursday Briefings
  • The opportunity to be a youth panellist at the weekly Civil Society Thursday Briefings
  • Active involvement in two bi-annual Communications Workshops
  • Membership in the Youth Sub-committee as part of the Annual UN Civil Society Conference Planning Committee
  • The chance to be a youth speaker at the Closing session of the Annual UN Civil Society Conference
  • The opportunity to participate in social media coverage of the Annual UN Civil Society Conference
  • Involvement in establishing a youth blog by and for youth
  • Organizing and promoting civil society youth events publicising issues and campaigns on the UN agenda using both traditional and new media
  • Providing opportunities for intergenerational cooperation and collaboration
  • Cooperating with UN programmes such as the UN Volunteers

DGC Civil Society Youth Representatives Steering Committee

DGC Civil Society Youth Representatives Steering Committee is composed of youth representatives from organizations associated with DGC, who are selected for a period of one year. DGC youth activities range from the annual Youth-led Briefing held yearly in the fall, to the design and implementation of social media campaigns on United Nations global initiatives. The Steering Committee advises the department on how to better engage with young people on issues on the UN agenda. Learn more...

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