Youth at #UNCSC2019 Conference

Youth involvement is key to the success of the UN Civil Society Conferences

The UN Department of Global Communications (DGC) Civil Society Youth Representatives Steering Committee advises the Department on strategies to engage young people serving non-governmental organizations and youth-led organizations affiliated with DGC on advocacy and outreach activities, with particular focus on the planning process for UN Civil Society Conferences.

A Conference Youth Sub-committee takes the lead in planning and organizing youth activities and advises the Planning Committee on youth related issues and concerns

Conference Youth Sub-committee


Aishu Narasimhadevara, Medical Women's International Association Representative to DGC; Member of DGC Youth Representatives Steering Committee
Ali Mustafa, GLOCHA Representative to DGC
Katelyn Grano, Pathways to Peace Representative to DGC; Member of DGC Youth Representatives Steering Committee

Salt Lake City Co-chairs

Madison Denkers, Denkers Family Foundation
Mitch Dumke, Pluralsights / Marior Organista, Salt Lake City Community College
Rebecca Hardenbrook, UVU

  • Develops a main thematic session
  • Conducts youth-related workshops
  • Programmes Youth Hub and Youth Festival
  • Creates a Youth Declaration
  • Ensures a youth voice throughout the Conference and Outcome Document

Youth Activities at the Conference

Youth Caucus

A space to brainstorm, strategize and energize youth at the conference for active participation. Interaction among peers, experts and other stakeholders on pressing global challenges impacting young people, giving an important focus on sustainable development.

Youth-led Workshops

Two Youth-led workshops will present action-oriented and scalable projects, innovative ideas and solutions on the conference theme. A third workshop will present the work of the DGC Youth Representatives Steering Committee in developing publications and projects illustrating youth concerns, innovation and solutions, including a manual for youth engagement with the UN and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Youth-led Thematic Session

Creating Opportunities and Economic Success for Youth

The youth-led thematic session will feature youth speakers and practitioners sharing their experiences and insights on how to position young people toward sustainable futures. This session aims to follow up and foster the conversation on the third priority of the UN Youth Strategy, Youth 2030, Economic Empowerment through Decent Work.

Youth Declaration

Through in-depth online and offline consultations, young participants will come together to draft, in the form of a declaration, their commitments on specific actions steps on issues of concern. 

#UNCSC2019 Youth Survey and consultations on Youth Climate Compact

Youth Hub

Designated space to interact, network and learn about the work of young people around the world. Programmes at the Youth Hub will feature, interactive sessions, social media moments, music and art performances and presentations. The space is open to all participants at the conference.

Conference Youth Festival

A showcase of talent from around the world through cultural shows, dance and music performances. The Festival will also feature an Open Mic session and a  cultural show with attendees wearing traditional attire.

Interactive and Community-based activities

Leading up to the conference, encourage youth globally to serve as volunteers for grassroots and community based activities.

Youth Mentorship Circles

Global experts and practitioners will share their experiences and provide guidance on career development and internships related to the conference theme, as well as on key issues on the global agenda. In an informal setting, youth will have an opportunity to interact and ask questions related to the necessary skills and knowledge needed for advancing career development within a global context.