FSO Safer Oil Tanker off Yemen’s Red Sea coast

Act now to prevent a catastrophic
oil spill in the Red Sea

Moored off Yemen’s Red Sea coast, the FSO Safer is an aging supertanker in advanced state of decay that will soon break apart or explode if the world does not act.  The United Nations is ready to implement an emergency operation to prevent this disaster. But the work to transfer the oil to a safe vessel is already delayed because of insufficient funding. To bridge the funding gap and start the emergency operation, the United Nations is asking for contributions from members of the public.

We have extended the deadline for individual donations because funds are still urgently needed to begin the work. Our goal remains to raise up to $5 million through the crowdfunding campaign to start the emergency operation before it is too late.

Your contribution will bring us a step closer to preventing this disaster and send a message to governments and private companies that have not yet contributed to do their part. Act now before it is too late!

Learn more about the UN-coordinated plan for the SAFER

The decaying supertanker is an environmental & humanitarian threat

The FSO Safer vessel is holding four times the amount of oil spilled by the Exxon Valdez – enough to make it the 5th largest oil spill from a tanker in history.

If we do not act now, the result will be an environmental and humanitarian catastrophe centered on the coast of a country already devasted by seven years of war.

A massive spill from the Safer would destroy pristine reefs, coastal mangroves and other sea life across the Red Sea, expose millions of people to highly polluted air, and cut off food, fuel and other life-saving supplies to Yemen, where 17 million people already need food aid.

Coastal communities would be hit hardest. Hundreds of thousands of jobs in the fishing industry would be lost almost overnight. It would take 25 years for fish stocks to recover. The cost of cleanup alone would be $20 billion.