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UN Programme on Disability   Working for full participation and equality

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Proposed modifications by Governments




Compilation of Government proposed changes, by Article:
Compilation as of Wednesday 23 August 2006, 6.00pm - ( MS Word )

Article 1: Purpose
Article 2: Definitions

Article 3: General Principles
Article 4: General obligations
Article 5: Equality and non-discrimination
Article 6: Women with Disabilities

Article 7: Children with disabilities
Article 8: Raising awareness regarding disability
Article 9: Accessibility
Article 10: Right to life
Article 11: Situations of risk
Article 12: Equal recognition as a person before the law

Article 13: Access to justice
Article 14: Liberty and security of the person
Article 15: Freedom from torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment
Article 16: Freedom from violence and abuse
Article 17: Protecting the integrity of the person

Article 18: Liberty of movement
Article 19: Living independently and being included in the community
Article 20: Personal mobility
Article 21: Freedom of expression and opinion and access to information
Article 22: Respect for privacy
Article 23: Respect for the home and the family
Article 24: Education
Article 25: Health
Article 26: Habilitation and rehabilitation
Article 27: Work and employment
Article 28: Social security and an adequate standard of living
Article 29: Participation in political and public life

Article 30: Participation in cultural life, recreation, leisure and sport
Article 31: Statistics and data collection
Article 32: International cooperation
Article 33: National implementation and monitoring
Article 34: International monitoring
Article __: Signature
Article __: Ratification
Article __: Accession
Article __: Entry into force
Article __: Amendment
Article __: Reservations
Article __: Dispute settlement
Article __: Depositary
Article __: Authentic texts

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