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Preclusion of Disablement
A separate and specific clause is needed on “Preclusion of Disablement:, recognizing the fact that, certain preventable endemic, pandemic and epidemic diseases; confrontational political situations; war, conflicts & violent situations, use of forbidden weapons (like cluster bombs, chemical weapons, any other weapons of mass destruction etc.), which particularly causes disability with an obligatory framework for the States Parties and the international authoritative bodies to take appropriate measures.

Disability as a Development Parameter
A specific clause is needed to set disability as a crosscutting issue and an integral part any national or international strategies of sustainable development program and social change.

Affirmative Action/positive Discrimination
The term ‘Equal opportunity’ expressed in different articles of the convention is not enough or sufficient to fulfill rights of persons with disabilities.  There is a need for a clause on affirmative action or positive discrimination for persons with disabilities in all opportunities.

Removing Stigmatized Concepts & Terminology
The text of the Convention is full of disrespectful terms like blind, deaf, handicap, and disabled etc., which should be replaced by newly developed more respectful terms.






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