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Article 8




African Group

The African Group supports the entire language in the working text on this article as well as the proposal by Bangladesh to incorporate an important issue of the family into this article



1(a): Considering that the family is the key and most influential social institution, it is recommended to incorporate the Family too in awareness-raising activities.

States parties should coordinate and collaborate with civil society organizations, particularly organizations for and of the persons with disabilities, for awareness-raising and promoting visibility with fair and positive images of persons with disabilities.


Egypt, Morocco, Sudan and Syria

Paragraph 1 (a): Add “with priority to the family” after “through society” to be read as follows; “to raise awareness throughout society, with priority to the family…”


Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Syria, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar

Paragraph 1 (b): Replace “gender” to be replaced with “sex” to be compatible with language in ICCPR and other international human rights documents.








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