1540 Committee
Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1540 (2004)

  General Information

UNSC Resolution 1540 recognizes that some States may require assistance in seeking full implementation of the resolution. In its Operative Paragraph (OP) 7, the Security Council encourages States to convey such requests to the Committee.

The 1540 Committee itself does not provide assistance but has a clearinghouse role to facilitate assistance by others for implementation of the resolution. One aspect of a clearinghouse function is to provide information from which assistance partnerships and cooperation projects can be developed to enhance implementation. In this regard, it posts on its website:

The list of potential assistance providers is updated periodically by the 1540 Committee at the recommendation of the Committee’s Working Group on Assistance.

These assistance requests can come in various forms. They can be formally submitted to the 1540 Committee, for example, as a component of national reporting or as separate submissions using or referring to the template on assistance. Requests can also be sent to the Committee by referral, with States’ consent, from other UN entities, or international organizations.1

In 2010, the 1540 Committee adopted revised procedures to rationalize, improve and accelerate response to assistance requests and facilitate match-making. This process includes:

  • Authenticating a request;
  • The 1540 Committee Chairman acknowledging receipt of the request;
  • Distributing the request to potential assistance providers within one week after the request was received by the Committee;
  • Posting a summary of the request on the 1540 Committee website, with the consent of the requesting state;
  • The 1540 Committee experts conducting informal ‘match-making’ on advice of the requesting State [see list of requests by country];
  • The 1540 Committee Chairman circulating to the Committee Members offers of assistance regarding a specific request; and
  • The 1540 Committee Chairman acknowledging such offers, and sending a letter to the requestor informing of such offers.

An important aspect of the reporting on assistance provision, and thus contributing as a measure of implementation success, is in follow-up action whereby the 1540 Committee experts are to brief the Committee on ‘match-making’ efforts every two months, and the 1540 Committee Chairman sends the requestor a letter inquiring on whether the request had been met.

Another dimension of a clearinghouse function is a reporting process on what assistance has been delivered to meet assistance needs. Such reporting to date has included submissions to the 1540 Committee by States which have provided or delivered assistance in various areas. .States are encouraged to notify the 1540 Committee formally through their UN mission if they have received assistance in response to a request or of other actions and results relevant to the request.

Finally, in United Nations Security Council resolution 1810 (2008), the 1540 Committee was encouraged to engage in “matching” or partnering specific requests from Member States with offers from other States and relevant organizations, which in turn can be reported to the 1540 Committee. This process is underway with various capacity building programs.

1 Such requests can come from international governmental bodies, including those already listed on this website as among those offering or with relevant assistance programs

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