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UNTV NEWS POOL OPERATION - Tuesday, 24 May 2016

9:45am / LIVE / 2nd Fl / Encompass 4496 / Stakeout 1
Security Council Stakeout

(This will also be the Stakeout to be open during and following the Security Council meeting)

10:00am / LIVE/ SCC / Encompass 4497 / The Switch UNN TV-3 (to stakeout after meeting)
Security Council meeting

Open Debate: United Nations-African Union peace and security cooperation: Chapter VIII application and the future of the African Peace and Security Architecture


12:00pm / LIVE / PBR / Encompass 4025 / The Switch UNN TV-1
Noon Briefing by the SG’s Spokesperson

3:00pm / LIVE / ECOSOC / Encompass 4025 / The Switch UNN TV-1

Hearings on “United Nations Security Council Elections”

Hearings on “United Nations Security Council Elections” (organized by the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA))
With candidates from the Western European and other States Group

All meetings are subject to change, and some might not be covered in their entirety. Please read the schedule CAREFULLY. If a meeting is cut short you can obtain a full broadcast quality download link form the United Nations AV Library (avlibrary@un.org)
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