Volume 14, No.2 - February 2010

Capacity development

Revising statistical classifications

Workshop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, from 2-5 February will focus on the methodology and data compilation of international merchandise trade statistics

This workshop is part of DESA’s Development Account project “Building Statistical Capacity in the Low Income Countries of South East Asia” which aims to strengthen and sustain the capacity of Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar, Timor-Leste and Vietnam for the production, analysis and dissemination of benchmark statistics.

The focus of the workshop which is organized by DESA’s Statistics Division cooperation with the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN/ESCAP) and the National Statistical Institute of Cambodia will be on the concepts and definitions for international merchandise trade statistics (IMTS) and their application in countries. Countries are expected to develop country specific action plans which will serve as guidance for national data compilers to improve IMTS compilation and dissemination.

More information workshop on Statistical Classification.

Increased submissions for Public Service Awards

DESA’s Interregional Advisers participated in the inaugural Gulf Cooperation Council e-Government Conference in Muscat, Oman from 21-23 December 2009

The number of submissions for the 2010 United Nations Public Service Awards from Western Asia has more than doubled and the awareness and visibility of this Awards programme increased significantly as a result of the participation of Ms. Adriana Alberti, Coordinator of the United Nations Public Service Awards Programme, and Mr. Richard Kerby, Inter-regional Adviser, DESA’s Division for Public Administration & Development Management, at the inaugural Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) e-Government Conference.

Ms. Alberti gave a presentation on “Innovation in Governance and Public Administration” and Mr. Kerby on “E-participation and Citizen Engagement in the GCC”. Synergies with other relevant awards programmes were also established.

Moreover, a number of contacts were made with government officials from all countries of the region in order to build together the Knowledge Base on Public Administration and Governance, particularly in the area of principles and standards of excellence in the public service in Western Asia.

The Conference resulted in a final declaration containing recommendations on how to further advance e-government services for the benefit of all citizens in the Gulf region. Sharing of best practices and expertise was one of the top recommendations.

More information on Gulf Cooperation Council e-Government Conference

Implementing the e-Government strategy

DESA will organize in cooperation with the Caribbean Centre for Development Administration a capacity building activity from 10-11 February in Dominica

The workshop will help to materialize the implementation of the Caribbean e-Government strategy through selected activities for officials from Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda and Montserrat that would result in the formation of in-country teams and training modules for the entire region.

A key objective will be to assist government officials in aligning national public administration frameworks and e-government strategies with the forthcoming CARICOM Caribbean e-Government Regional Strategy, thus facilitating its implementation.

The training will not focus on tools and technology, but mostly on public administration and governance — thus representing a new way of doing business and an opportunity to revamp integrated public service delivery through the use of information and communication technology.

The meeting will be hosted by the Government of Dominica. Permanent Secretaries for the areas of health, tourism, education, agriculture, social services, housing, public works, human resource development and others are likely to attend.

Strengthening public administration in Togo Republic

DESA’s Inter-regional Advisor facilitated a workshop to assist the country in the public administration reform programme

Guidelines and priorities for the 2010 Work Plan of the Public Administration Reform Programme for the Government of Togo were established as a result of a workshop with government officials and the UNDP country office that was facilitated by Mr. Alphonse Mekolo Inter-regional Advisor, DESA’s Division for Public Administration & Development Management, as part of his mission to Togo, 5-19 December 2009.

The mission was part of the technical support DESA is providing to the Government of Togo for strengthening and modernizing public administration in the country and coincided with the commemoration of the first year of Public Administration Reform in Togo.

Achievements of the Public Sector Reform Programme to-date were exhibited and communicated to the public by the Public Service of Togo through an exercise facilitated by Mr. Mekolo, together with government officials, including the Prime Minister of Togo.