Strengthening public administration in Togo Republic

DESA’s Inter-regional Advisor facilitated a workshop to assist the country in the public administration reform programme

Guidelines and priorities for the 2010 Work Plan of the Public Administration Reform Programme for the Government of Togo were established as a result of a workshop with government officials and the UNDP country office that was facilitated by Mr. Alphonse Mekolo Inter-regional Advisor, DESA’s Division for Public Administration & Development Management, as part of his mission to Togo, 5-19 December 2009.

The mission was part of the technical support DESA is providing to the Government of Togo for strengthening and modernizing public administration in the country and coincided with the commemoration of the first year of Public Administration Reform in Togo.

Achievements of the Public Sector Reform Programme to-date were exhibited and communicated to the public by the Public Service of Togo through an exercise facilitated by Mr. Mekolo, together with government officials, including the Prime Minister of Togo.

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