Udit Singhal is the founder of Glass2Sand, an environment-friendly zero waste ecosystem and a “no glass to landfills” movement that addresses the growing menace of glass waste in India by crushing glass bottles into sand. At home, he discovered empty glass bottles that were no longer being picked up for recycling or reuse – it emerged that these bottles were being dumped into landfills, where they wouldn’t decompose for a million years!

Based on a pitch that Udit made, the New Zealand High Commissioner to India deemed the project worthy of a special grant, not just because it was backed by an innovative “Kiwi” technology. Glass2Sand was launched by the then 17-year-old on World Environment Day 2019.

The “Drink Responsibly, Dispose Responsibly” campaign has been extremely effective in inking partnerships with 16 diplomatic missions and hospitality institutions and enlisting the support of 160+ collection volunteers. 14,000+ glass bottles have been stopped from reaching the landfill and crushed into 8,400+ kilograms of high-grade silica sand. Udit expects to leverage the modularity of his initiative to rid the Delhi and other parts of the country of waste bottles through an ever-expanding volunteer network.

Udit is a first-year student at University College London. He expresses himself through art, codes and develops websites, and unwinds on the golf course. And, actively advocates creative synergies