Udit Singhal is the founder of Glass2Sand, an environmentally-friendly “carbon-negative” initiative and “no glass to landfills” movement that he established at age 16 in 2018 to address the growing menace of glass bottles not being recycled and being dumped in already scarce landfills. Today, the Glass2Sand network fosters over 400 collection volunteers and 18 institutional support partnerships in Delhi to amplify awareness and glass waste collection for responsible disposal. To date, over 33,300 glass bottles have been crushed into sand, saving 100,000+ kilograms in carbon emissions.

Recognised around the world as a sustainability champion, Udit delivers keynote addresses at global conferences and strategizes closely with various international organisations to mobilise effective youth climate action. In his pursuit to open more avenues that facilitate higher sustainability impact, he is now also working to identify the intersection between his keen interest in finance with his passion for sustainability.

Udit, a penultimate-year student at University College London reading Management Science and a 20-year-old social entrepreneur from India, expresses himself through art, codes websites, unwinds on the golf course, and, actively advocates creative synergies.