Jichen Liu (he/him) is the Founder and CEO of Clear Plate®, an app that rewards people for reducing food waste. After a meal, users take photos of their plate through the app, collect points once the image is recognized by the AI, and redeem gifts or meals with the points that they accumulate. Clear Plate hopes to start a new trend among the younger generation wherein people cherish food and develop the habit of having a low-carbon lifestyle.

Launched in 2018, Clear Plate currently has more than 1 million users who have collectively taken 5 million times anti-food wasting actions, which is equivalent to reducing food waste by 280 tons and carbon emissions by 1,000 tons. In light of this, Clear Plate has won the Chinese Food Science and Technology Progress Award and several other awards.

Liu has long been concerned about food and environmental issues. He is also the director of Youth Vegetarian Development Fund, a charitable foundation project aims to promote plant-based lifestyle and support youth veg-advocates. Thanks to his years of experience in the field of social innovation, he won the Champion of UNDP Youth-Change-Maker Challenge, Social Entrepreneurship Star of The Year 2019, and a Gold Medal in the Entrepreneurship Competition at Tsinghua University.