Ankit is the Founder and CEO of Helpusgreen®, a social enterprise that has pioneered India’s flowercycling® technology to preserve the river Ganges from becoming a religious sewer. They up-cycle waste from temples/mosques dumped in the river into patented organic products – a biodegradable alternative to toxic Expanded Polystyrene and Charcoal-free incense; thereby, providing livelihoods to marginalized women in India. Recognized by Forbes, Fortune and Stanford review, Helpusgreen® is the world’s first lean and profitable solution to the monumental temple problem. They bring systems for change and give hope to revive the lifeline of more than 420 million people in The Ganges. In light of this, Helpusgreen® received a Fast Company World-Changing Ideas 2018 award.

Ankit isa Queens young leader. In addition, he is part of a number of Fellowships, including Echoing Green, Young water, Gifted citizen, Acumen, and the Royal Commonwealth Society. Ankit has worked on sustainability projects across 26 countries and is amongst the 21 young leaders selected for extraordinary skills by the Asia Society. Ankit holds a Master in Innovation Management and is an automation scientist by training. He has published over 17 research papers and Patents.