Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)

His Excellency Mr. Nicolás Maduro Moros

Statement Summary

NICOLÁS MADURO, President of Venezuela, said the international community had a choice to either build a multipolar world based on balance, inclusivity and openness, or a hegemonic, unipolar world.  In order to achieve the former, he called for a renewal of the United Nations system that enforces international law.  Defeating the COVID‑19 pandemic requires greater unity among humankind, he said, reaffirming his support for the WHO as a key multilateral organization in this endeavour.  Turning to upcoming elections in Venezuela, he reported that he invited a technical commission to monitor the electoral process for parliamentary elections on 6 December.  Although Venezuela has been a victim of aggression, illegal sanctions and coercive measures, the world can overcome those who wish to impose hegemony, he emphasized.