His Excellency Danny Faure

Statement Summary

DANNY FAURE, President of the Seychelles, said Governments alone cannot stand up to global challenges, a point emphasized by the onset of both COVID‑19 and climate change.  Beyond the anniversary, the world needs a genuinely more collective, inclusive form of multilateralism, with the involvement of youth, the marginalized and the private sector.  The United Nations must transition to an institution fit-for-purpose so it can deliver on the potential of the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement.  The world has seen the terrible loss of life due to COVID‑19 and climate change.  “These challenges do not stop at borders,” he stressed, calling for mutually beneficial approaches when tackling common threats.  A renewed, repurposed United Nations must stay at the centre of efforts to fulfil the promise of the twenty‑first century, he said, emphasizing that small and poor countries can deliver solutions as well the biggest, wealthiest and most powerful.