Rwanda Technology Needs Assessment Validation

Tuesday, 14 December 2021 - 10:30am to 1:15pm


The Technology Bank supports least developed countries (LDCs) to conduct Technology Needs Assessments (TNAs), which are effective tools for identifying development challenges in LDCs that require technological solutions through targeted project design and sustainable technology transfer. TNAs provide useful guides for LDCs and stakeholders in their decision-making efforts related to technology transfer and science, technology and innovation (STI) capacity building programmes for each LDC to accelerate efforts towards achieving the targets set in their national development plans and reaching the relevant Sustainable Development Goals.

The TNA process is country-led and participatory, involving stakeholders from various sectors and thematic areas including government line ministries, youth, women, the private sector, NGOs, IOs and other development actors. One fundamental part of this process is national level validation workshops, which are held after consolidation of the TNA report to enable key stakeholders and experts to review and endorse the findings in the TNA reports. This is followed by the technology implementation planning phase that aims to catalyze implementation and put the proposed technological solutions into action.