S/RES/2375 (2017)

Introduces a full ban on the supply, sale or transfer of all condensates and natural gas liquids to the DPRK;

Introduces a limit for all refined petroleum products in terms of the amount allowed (for supply, sale or transfer to the DPRK) with very specific preconditions and follow-up action required by Member States, the 1718 Committee and the Committee Secretary;

Introduces restrictions on the supply, sale or transfer of crude oil to the DPRK in any period of 12 months after the adoption of the resolution in the amount that is in excess of the amount Member States supplied in the period of 12 months prior to the adoption of the resolution (11 September 2017);

Introduces a ban on the export by the DPRK of textiles (including fabrics and partially or fully completed apparel products);

Introduces a ban on Member States from providing work authorizations for DPRK nationals, other than those for which written contracts have been finalized prior to the adoption of this resolution (11 September 2017);

Expands financial sanctions by prohibiting all joint ventures or cooperative entities or expanding existing joint ventures  with DPRK entities or individuals;

Directs the 1718 Committee to designate vessels transporting prohibited items from the DPRK;

Introduces  further clarifications with regard to the call on Member States to inspect vessels with the consent of the flag State, on the high seas, if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the cargo of such vessels contain prohibited items, including specific obligations of the flag State and Member State requirement to report to the Committee of non-cooperation by a flag State;

Directs the 1718 Committee to designate additional WMD-related and conventional arms-related items;

Designates one additional individual and three entities.

Resolution number: 
S/RES/2375 (2017)
Resolution Date: 
11 September 2017