Group of Experts

The Group of Experts established by the General Assembly is an integral part of the Regular Process. It is led by two Joint Coordinators and composed of a maximum of 25 experts (five from each regional group), taking into consideration geographic and gender balance and diversity of expertise.  The general task of the Group of Experts is to carry out any assessments within the framework of the Regular Process at the request of the General Assembly under the supervision of the Ad Hoc Working Group of the Whole. The Bureau of the Ad Hoc Working Group periodically interacts with the Group of Experts during the experts’ meetings in New York (usually held on an annual basis). The Group of Experts for the first cycle was established in 2012 and the Group of Experts for the second cycle was constituted in 2016.

Database of the List of the Group of Experts



14 May 2020

Lessons learned from the second cycle (14 May to 26 June 2020)

27 April 2020

Review by States of WOA II (27 April to 10 June 2020)