I really cherish my UN-Nippon Fellowship experience. The Fellowship provided me the best of both worlds: the availability of experts in my key area of interest, ocean governance, and exciting practical experience through my placement at the UN DOALOS. More importantly, the UN-Nippon Fellowship has enabled me to build friendship with people who share similar passion for sustainable use of marine resources, and conservation. Today, I have continued to work with the UN-Nippon Fellows and Alumni to raise awareness on marine challenges that we face and find possible actions and solutions. - UNNF Fellow, Indonesia

The training is intensive and covers a wide range of issues relating to ocean governance, SDGs and law of the sea. The training has built my capacity in developing and implementing future comprehensive plans and policies as well as make informed decisions to effectively manage our ocean sustainably towards achieving SDG 14 on oceans and other development priorities that support our livelihoods. - UNNF Thematic Fellow, Vanuatu

It was challenging initially but with time, everything fell in place and the journey became more intriguing surpassing my expectations. The programme enabled me contribute in the delineation of my country's outer limits of the continental shelf project within the confines of article 76 of UNCLOS in addition to the delimitation of the country’s maritime boundaries. The programme is truly unparalleled and career changing in many aspects!  UNNF Fellow, Kenya

My time as a UNNFF fellow at DOALOS was one of the best learning experiences of my career and truly a unique one. Such an honor to be part of the programme. It was absolutely a privilege to be able to learn from and work with such amazing people. - UNNF Fellow, Islamic Republic of Iran

The United Nations-Nippon Foundation Fellowship program was absolutely an incredible experience for me. It was academically rigorous but full of fun and fascinating for providing invaluable insights into many aspects. According to me, every lecturer at the DOALOS office was not only been engaging and intellectually inspiring but exhilarating as well. Mingling with and learning from a diverse group of the most passionate and brilliant international experts of different aspects was a priceless opportunity. Moreover, I spent plenty of good times with wonderful new friends and colleagues from the globe as my classmates, with whom I exchanged experiences, thoughts, cultures, and good values and forged lasting friendships and unique professional linkage. – UNNF Fellow, Bangladesh

The UNNF fellowship programme has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. All the knowledge, skills, experience I gained from this program and the amazing people I met throughout that incredible adventure inspired me and gave me the strength to create my own small organization for the benefit of my country, my people and beyond. I am eternally grateful to the whole UNNF team for that great journey and making my dream come true. - UNNF Fellow, Madagascar

UNNF Alumni Meeting 2019, New York. Photo: UN/DOALOS

The knowledge and experience gained in the program has contributed tremendously to my career advancement.  The program has opened up doors of opportunity and plunged me into areas of new interest.  I have acquired a more profound interest in legislative frameworks, ocean governance and other ocean related policy that can help protect the marine environment.  As a result of this program, my passion, drive and motivation in ocean affairs have propelled my interest to becoming a marine steward advocate: Sustainable Development Goals in particular SDG 14 regarding marine pollution. - UNNF Thematic Fellow, St Lucia

Upon the completion of the Fellowship I have advanced my understanding of key issues in the law of the sea, including enhanced professional capacities and competencies. It really went beyond my expectations, and I don’t feel any reservations to say that I met brilliant, loving, super-bright fellows. – UNNF Fellow, Bulgaria

I deeply appreciated the attendance to high level events such as Ocean conference, United Nations Open-ended Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea. I have henceforth realized the relevance of the Training Programme in capacities building – UNNF Fellow, Cameroon

It is a life-changing experience and excellent opportunity for mid-career professionals who are deeply in love and keen to protect the ocean. With my scientific background in marine science, I am very grateful to be able to build my knowledge and skills in ocean governance and the law of the sea. All fellows not only learn the knowledge from world experts, but also have the chance to broaden our negotiation and communication skills, networking opportunities, and have intensive advanced research with UN DOALOS’s partner institution. – UNNF Fellow, Indonesia

UNNF Alumni with the Under-Secretary-General and Legal Counsel of the United Nations, Chairman Sasak

UNNF Alumni with the Under-Secretary-General and Legal Counsel of the United Nations, Chairman Sasakawa of the Nippon Foundation, academic partners and DOALOS staff. Photo UN/DOALOS

The UNNF fellowship was a precious experience that helped me build an impressive grounding in the law of the sea blended with basic insights on social-ecological systems. The journey throughout the program really motivated me exploring the emerging areas of science-policy nexus in the coastal and marine realms. – UNNF Fellow, Bangladesh

This experience gave knowledge and encouraged me to know more about and to work in International Maritime Law. Thanks to this opportunity I have been able to contribute with my work in the public and private sector. My commitment is to continue working on protecting and developing the knowledge and better understanding of the future of our oceans – UNNF Fellow, Peru

As an Oceanographer, it was a unique and unforgettable opportunity to expand my knowledge about UN/DOALOS and UNCLOS – UNNF Fellow, Brazil

UN Nippon Foundation Fellowship did not only give me the opportunity to understand how UN General Assembly, High Level meetings, and Negotiations are conducted but also the fellowship provided me the opportunity to meet and interact with other fellows and ocean experts from around the globe. - UNNF Fellow, The Gambia

We are able to thoroughly understand the new Sustainable Development Goal UN 2030 agenda with l7 goals and 169 associated targets which have been crafted to end poverty, protect and ensure prosperity for all.  I am able to assist to formulate the legal framework for marine environmental issues and pollution law covering the shipping, exploration of hydrocarbons, and exploitation of mineral resources as well as leisure activities. – UNNF Thematic Fellow, Myanmar

I was very impressed with the professionalism, expertise, and quality of information delivered by course instructors. Personally, the knowledge gained in the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) coupled with other courses such as negotiation skills has made me a valuable asset in my working team back at home. Through this programme, I have built a worth of network of seasoned professionals from diverse backgrounds, a rare opportunity, and an enriching experience for me. Today, I am proud to call myself alumni and a fellow of the United Nations Nippon Foundation Program – UNNF Thematic Fellow, Ghana

This program is instrumental in developing lasting networks around the world. I've met people from different backgrounds and it amazes me how we all work together for the benefit of others in the ocean context. I was able to have a more professional working/learning environment and have implemented that in my home country. I'm forever grateful for my time in DOALOS and the Nippon Foundation for always initiating ways for continuous improvement and learning capacities. – UNNF Thematic Fellow, Tonga

This Programme navigates one through all instruments, professions, organizations and non-governmental organizations connected to the United Nations. It is perfect for the novice that works in an area connected to the Law of the Sea and seeks a better understanding of its operation. I definitely enjoyed the thorough presentations from experts in different fields and interacting with them on a daily basis. Also, I was able to share my knowledge on issues through discussions and group presentations. The fellowship with my cohort and individuals from various UN programmes is unforgettable. It was definitely a moment that provided me with clarity as to my professional future. - Critical Needs Fellow, The Bahamas