PROBLUE (World Bank) Ocean Governance Capacity Building Training Programme

Building regional capacity in ocean governance for sustainable ocean economies

About the programme

The Partners have complementary missions with respect to capacity development for ocean governance and therefore have agreed to cooperate to design and deliver a training program on international law related to ocean governance and the legal framework for the blue economy, including relevant regional conventions, drawing on each Partner’s respective areas of expertise. The World Bank is acting as the overall project coordinator.

DOALOS is the lead for training on the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), including national implementation, ocean governance frameworks, multilateral fisheries agreements, dispute settlement, marine scientific research, maritime security, as well as the blue economy and sustainable development.


To enhance the capacity of government officials, staff of partner organizations, and other stakeholders on ocean governance by providing training on international law related to oceans and the legal framework for the blue economy, including relevant regional conventions. 

This training is expected to result in greater understanding of relevant international law and facilitate the development and implementation of national legal frameworks and ocean governance with a view to sustaining blue economies, including by mobilizing public and private financial resources for sustainable development.  

Online Workshops 

During 2021 and 2022, up to 4 regional workshops will be delivered remotely. Participants are not expected to have specialist knowledge or expertise.
The workshop are designed to provide an introduction to the ocean legal framework in the core modules, with an opportunity to develop knowledge in more specialized areas through elective modules.

Workshops Delivered

  • Pacific Region (2021 April-May): 2 parallel workshops, 48 participants, 22 countries and organizations
  • Africa (2021 Sept-Oct): 3 parallel workshops in English and French, ongoing

In-Person Workshops

In 2022, if the COVID-19 pandemic and funding permits, the Partners intend to organize an in-person workshop for participants who have successfully completed the online workshops

Self-Paced e-Learning Course

In late 2021 or early 2022, the Partners intend to produce a self-paced e-learning online course of approximately 8 hours based on a subset of training materials developed for the online and in-person workshops. 
This course, which will be publicly available, will be designed primarily for participants who do not attend the online and in-person workshops.