Doha Programme of Action

Doha Programme Of Action

The Doha Programme of Action for the Least Developed Countries for the Decade 2022-2031 (DPoA) manifests a new generation of renewed and strengthened commitments between the least developed countries and their development partners, including the private sector, civil society, and governments at all levels. The final text of the DPoA was adopted during the first part of the LDC5 conference on March 17, 2022 and endorsed by the General Assembly through resolution A/76/L.47 on April 1.

The second part will take place in Doha from 5 to 9 March 2023. There, world leaders will gather with civil society, the private sector, young people and more to build the plans and partnerships deliver on the promise and ambition of the DPoA over the following decade. The split format was deemed necessary to ensure a safe and in-person gathering in Doha but also in recognition of the fact that the Least Developed Countries cannot wait another year for the package of international support measures contained within the DPoA.

The DPoA includes six key focus areas: 

Investing in people in least developed countries: eradicating poverty and building capacity to leave no one behind;
Leveraging the power of science, technology, and innovation to fight against multidimensional vulnerabilities and to achieve the SDGs;
Supporting structural transformation as a driver of prosperity;
Enhancing international trade of least developed countries and regional integration;
Addressing climate change, environmental degradation, recovering from COVID-19 pandemic and building resilience against future shocks for risk-informed sustainable development,
Mobilizing international solidarity, reinvigorated global partnerships and innovative tools and instruments: a march towards sustainable graduation.

Full implementation of the DPoA will help the LDCs to address the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as well as the resulting negative socio-economic impacts, return to a pathway to achieve the SDGs, address climate change challenges, and makes strides towards sustainable and irreversible graduation. The full text of the Doha Programme of Action is available in all languages here.