Film Projects

Released: April 2019

Country: Canada

Director: Claude Guilmain

Producers: Denis McCready, Dominic...

Released: February 2019

Country: Ireland and Belgium

Director: Mary McGuckian

Producers: Mary McGuckian and...

Three large screens showing scenes of climate.

Released: 2018

Country: Germany/Italy

Director: Armin Linke

Producers: Commissioned by TBA21–Academy in...

Movie poster of a man riding on a bike.

Released: February 2018

Country: India

Director: R. Balki

Producer: Twinkle Khanna


Movie poster of man holding out his hand to a woman, who is facing her back to him.

Released: 2017

Country: India

Director:  Mohit Suri

Producers: Balaji Motion Pictures, ALT Entertainment...

Leonardo Dicaprio speaking at a podium.

Director: Fisher Stevens 

Producers: Fisher Stevens, Leonardo DiCaprio 

Lead Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio 

Before the...

A woman and a man with concerned eyes, with the movie title, "The Last Face," on the bottom of the poster.

Released: 20 May 2016

Country: France (2016 Cannes Film Festival)

Director: Sean Penn

Producers: Bill Gerber, Matt...

Picture of filming crew in the Security Council chamber with the director behind the cameraman.

Released: 6 November 2013

Country: France  

Director: Bertrand Tavernier

Writers: Antonin Baudry,...

Movie poster with man dressed in all black with other two characters behind him.

Released: January 2014

Country: United States

Director: Kenneth Branagh  

Producers: Mace Neufeld, Lorenzo...

Movie poster with a man holding a phone in the center and several other movie characters in the back on a black background.

Released: 19 October 2013

Country: Japan 

Director: Junji Sakamoto

Producer: Yukiko Shii


Movie poster of a girl wearing headphones looking outside a window.

Released: 16 November 2012       

Country: United States  

Director: Alex Meillier

Producer: Tanya Ager...

Movie poster with a man shaking hands with a young boy holding a soccer ball.

Released: 9 September 2012 

Country: Israel, United Kingdom, France

Director: Eran Riklis 

Producer: Gareth...

A man and a woman who seems like romantic partners are on the left side of the picture, with the movie title, "Venuto al Mondo" to the right.

Released: 6 December 2013

Country: Italy 

Director: Sergio Castellitto

Producer: Roberto Sessa


Movie poster of the actor with heavy beard and sunglasses with reflections of the US flag is on the left side of the picture, with the movie title, "The Dictator" on his right.

Released: 16 May 2012 

Country: United States, United Kingdom 

Director: Larry Charles   

Producers: Sacha...

Yellow movie poster with the title, "Contagion," in the middle and three characters in the movie, each on the upper and the lower part of the poster.

Released: 3 September 2011 

Country: United States 

Director: Steven Soderbergh  

Producers: Michael...

Behind the scenes photo of two actors acting in front of the filming crew.

Released: 16 May 2012 

Country: France, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, and Germany  

Director:  Glenio Bonder


Person holding clapperboard in General Assembly Hall

Released: 23 June 2011 

Country: United States 

Director: Michael Bay 

Producers: Lorenzo de Bonaventura,...

Woman and man sitting on the tables in the General Assembly Hall.

Released: 22 April 2005

Country: United States 

Director: Sydney Pollack  

Producers: Tim Bevan, Eric...

Black and white photo of actor speaking behind podium in the General Assembly.


Released: 21 May 2008

Country: Spain, Germany, France, United States

Director: Steven Soderbergh  

Lead Actor:...