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Part IV. Towards a Rights Based Perspective on Disability

This part looks at the rights of persons with disabilities under the broad categories of civil and political rights, and economic, social and cultural rights.


PART I. National Frameworks for the Protection of Rights of Persons with Disabilities
PART II. The International Human Rights System
PART III. The Regional Human Rights System
PART IV. Towards a Rights Based Perspective on Disability
1. Civil and Political Rights
1.1 Right to Liberty and Security of the Person
1.2 Right to Equal Protection Before the Law
1.3 Right to Freedom of Assembly
1.4 Rights to be Free From Torture
1.5 Right to Freedom of Expression
1.6 Freedom from Discrimination
1.7 Access to the judicial system
1.8 Participation in Political Life
1.9 Freedom of Religion
1.10 Access to Information
1.11 Right to Private and Family Life
1.12 Property Rights
1.13 Freedom of Movement
1.14 Right to Seek Asylum
2. Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
2.1 Right to Work
    2.1.1 General Provisions on the Rights to Work
    2.1.2 Rights to Develop Work-Skills
    2.1.3 Equitable Recruitment Measures and Policies
    2.1.4 Fair and Equitable Employment Conditions
2.2 Right to Education
    2.2.1 Access to Education
    2.2.2 Quality of Education
    2.2.3 Integrated Education
    2.2.4 Special Education
    2.2.5 Teacher Training
    2.2.6 Vocational Training
2.3 The Right to Health
2.4 Right to Social Security and Social Services
    2.4.1 Right to Social Security
    2.4.2 Social Security and Social Insurance related to employment
    2.4.3 Social Services
2.5 Right to an Adequate Standard of Living
    2.5.1 Housing
    2.5.2 Food
    2.5.3 Transportation
2.6 Right to Social Integration
2.7 Right to Participation on Cultural Activities
2.8 Right to an Accessible Physical and Communication Environment
    2.8.1 Information on Standards of Accessibility
    2.8.2 Access to Public Places
2.9 International Cooperation
PART V. Rights of Special Groups with Disabilities

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