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Part I. National Frameworks for the Protection of the Rights of Disabled Persons


PART I. National Frameworks for the Protection of Rights of Persons with Disabilities
1. International Law and National Frameworks
1.1 Sources of International Law
1.2 The Role of Custom
1.3 The Role of Treaties
1.4 International Law in Municipal Law
1.5 Locating Human Rights Law in Municipal Law
1.6 Two Basic Concepts about Constitutions
1.7 International Law and Municipal Law Interface
1.8 The Role of the Constitution in Municipal Law
1.9 The Supremacy of the Constitution
1.10 Judicial review of Legislation
2. The Legislative Process
2.1 Equal Protection
2.2 Affirmative Action
2.3 Integration Policy: Education and Professional Training
2.4 Health care and Social Security
2.5 Housing
2.6 Fashioning Remedies for Violations of the rights of Persons with Disabilities
3. Remedies for Rights Violations
3.1 Due Process
3.2 Locus standi
3.3 Recourse Procedures at the National Level
3.4 National Courts
4. Responsibilities of States
4.1 Collection of Statistics
4.2 Awareness-raising
4.3 Policy-making and Planning
4.4 Ombudsman
4.5 International Disability Norms and their impact at the National Level
4.6 National Committees
4.7 Personnel Training
4.8 The Role of Non-governmental Organizations
4.9 NGO Action Before Submission of a Report
4.10 NGO Participation in the Reporting Process in the Context of Examination by a Treaty Body
4.11 NGO Action Following Examination of a Report
4.12 NGO Monitoring
4.13 Special Rapporteur
PART II. The International Human Rights System
PART III. The Regional Human Rights System
PART IV. Towards a Rights Based Perspective on Disability
PART V. Rights of Special Groups with Disabilities

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