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Special Session of the General Assembly to Review and Appraise
the Implementation of Agenda 21

New York, 23-27 June 1997

Fact sheets received from UN Agency Partners:

Biosafety Information Network and Advisory Service (BINAS)
Centre de Suivi Ecologique, Dakar, Senegal
Climate Change and Human Health
Concise International Chemical Assessment Documents (CICADs)
Development of National Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management
Enhancing capabilities of developing countries to perfom dynamic functional studies using radionuclides/Nuclear Medicine/Aerosol inhalation imaging

Environmental Health Indicators for Decision-making
Environmental Health Human Resources Development
Forest Resources Assessment Programme
Forest Trees and People Programme
Global Fibre Supply Study up to 2010
Global Programme of Action (GPA) for the Protectionof the Marine Environment from Land-Based Activities
Harmonization of approaches to the Assesment of risk from Exposure to Chemicals
Implementation of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries
Industrial Information, Investment and Technology Promotion
Intergovernmental Panel on Forests
Inter-Organization Programme for the Management of Chemicals (IOMC)
Land Quality Indicators Programme (LQI)
National Profiles to Assess the National Infrastructure for the Sound Management of Chemicals
North-east Asian Subregional Programme for Environmental Cooperation
Programme for Asian Cooperation on energy and Environment (PACE-E)
Promoting Sustainable Water Management in the Drylands
Regional Action Programme for Environmentally Sound and Sustainable Development (ESSD) in Asia and the Pacific 1996-2000
Support to the Preparation of International Technical Guidelines for Safety in Biotechnology and RelatedCapacity Building Requirements
Strategies, Policies and Institution-Building for Global Economic Integration
Sustainable Development Indicators in Asia and the Pacific
Sustainable Production and Consumption, Cleaner Production, National Cleaner Production Centers (NCPC)
Understanding the "El Nino-Southern Oscillation" (ENSO)
Global Environmental Information Exchange Network (INFOTERRA)
Work Programme on Indicators of Sustainable Development of the Commission on Sustainable Development

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