Vice-President of the Economic and Social Council

H.E. Mr. Collen Vixen Kelapile

Statement Summary

COLLEN VIXEN KELAPILE (Botswana), Vice-President of the Economic and Social Council, said the COVID‑19 pandemic is the greatest challenge facing the international community since the creation of the United Nations, and it demonstrates how intimately connected the community is now.  The international community needs solidarity guided by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals.  The Council is a Charter organization that serves as a central platform for the international community as it enters a decade of action and delivery.  The high-level political forum now meets under the auspices of the Council and serves as a guide for the international community as the world recovers from the pandemic and works to avoid a climate crisis and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.  Emphasizing that the Council is more indispensable than ever, he said that as the international community renews its commitment to the Charter, it needs to agree that the United Nations should not be starved of resources.  A re-commitment to the Charter can put the international community back on track, he observed, emphasizing that the Council is an essential pillar of multilateralism.