Palestine (State of)

H.E. Mr. Mahmoud Abbas

Statement Summary

MAHMOUD ABBAS, President of the State of Palestine, said the United Nations seventy-fifth anniversary comes against the backdrop of increasing attacks by Israel, the occupying Power, and the United States against international organizations and their resolutions. Underlining Palestine’s commitment to multilateralism, he said his people have placed their hope and aspirations for freedom in the hands of the United Nations. “It is paradoxical that the time that this Organization was elaborating its Charter […] the Palestinian people were being deprived of the very rights enshrined in these instruments,” he said, recalling that the Palestinians have watched peoples around the globe gain their independence even as they continued to wait. As that historical injustice continued, Palestinians pursued every action to take their place among nations, becoming an observer to the General Assembly and joining numerous treaties and conventions. Today’s declaration calls on all States to uphold the Charter, international law and Security Council resolutions, he said, asking if Israel will finally abide by the rules it has consistently violated for seven decades.