H.E. Mr. Neville Melvin Gertze

Statement Summary

NEVILLE MELVIN GERTZE (Namibia) recalled how the United Nations accompanied his country on its path to independence. In 1960, Ethiopia and Liberia instituted proceedings against Apartheid South Africa at the International Court of Justice regarding the interpretation and application of the country’s mandate over Namibia, then South West Africa. On 18 July 1966, the Court dismissed the case. In the same year, the General Assembly passed resolution 2145, declaring that South Africa had no further right to administer Namibia. Then, the United Nations assumed direct responsibility for Namibia. In 1990, it joined the Organization. The commemoration of this seventy-fifth anniversary is therefore a great day for Namibia. However, it is unacceptable that Africa remains excluded from the Security Council, given the current global geopolitical formations and security threats.