H.E. Mr. Nasser Bourita

Statement Summary

NASSER BOURITA, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Morocco, said the United Nations is at a difficult juncture as it celebrates its seventy-fifth anniversary, tackling a pandemic that has stricken as well as impoverished millions and is having severe repercussions on health systems.  The COVID-19 pandemic is also posing challenges to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, threatening progress that has already been made.  The international community must improve its approach in providing sustainable human development, redoubling its efforts to achieve the 2030 Agenda and other goals.  It must develop further plans to combat climate change and reform United Nations structures, allowing it to tackle international challenges and strengthen universal values.  The international community needs a global effort with the United Nations at its centre, rather than selective multilateralism based on coalitions, in building an Organization capable of managing the post-COVID era.