H.E. Mr. Ahmad Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah

Statement Summary

AHMAD NASSER AL-MOHAMMED AL-AHMED AL-JABER AL-SABAH, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Kuwait, said that his country’s faith in the importance of the United Nations — and in the collaborative efforts of its Member States — has increased amid COVID‑19.  “Such close cooperation as we have witnessed during the COVID‑19 pandemic is only the fruit of the efforts the Organization undertook during the past 75 years,” he said, describing it as the result of decades of collective effort.  Recalling that the United Nations supported Kuwait in regaining its freedom and sovereignty in 1991 following a brutal Iraqi invasion, he underlined the Organization’s important commitment to safeguarding international peace and security “through crystal clear positions” and decisive resolutions.  Today, States are called upon to recommit to the purposes and principles of the Charter and reject violence and division, as they face the crises and conflicts that still afflict many countries.  In the Middle East, the Palestinian question is foremost among those crises, he said, describing it as a “bleeding wound in the side of the Arab nation”.