International Criminal Police Organization

Statement Summary

JÜRGEN STOCK, Secretary General of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), noting its long, shared history with the United Nations, said the world faces a landscape of crisis with the COVID‑19 pandemic posing a “formidable challenge to security worldwide”.  With international flows broken and tragedy penetrating communities, the United Nations is needed.  As crime targets the most vulnerable, attacking essential health infrastructures, crippling economies and defrauding victims, INTERPOL is working alongside the United Nations through global information‑sharing, operational support and capacity‑building.  He noted more than 100 Security Council and General Assembly resolutions have called for that support against a wide range of threats from terrorist travel and human trafficking, to environmental crime and crimes against humanity.  “Crime‑fighting is an integral part of the change we want to achieve, for the generations to come,” he said.