Democratic Republic of the Congo

H.E. Mr. Paul Losoko Efambe Empole

Statement Summary

PAUL LOSOKO EFAMBE EMPOLE (Democratic Republic of the Congo) praised the United Nations ability to “federate the world” along with its contributions towards relegating colonialism and apartheid to the status of “sad memories”. He thanked the Organization for its tireless efforts to seek peace and stability so that his country can smoothly achieve reconstruction and development. These achievements, however, must not veil other, persistent challenges like terrorism, violent extremism, climate change, flagrant inequality, armed conflict and disease. The COVID-19 pandemic still holds sway, “sowing death and desolation throughout the world”, and has laid bare the vulnerabilities of the international health system. He welcomed the Secretary-General’s efforts for reform, stressing that Africa should not continue to be the only continent without a permanent seat in the Security Council.