Czech Republic

H.E. Mr. Tomáš Petříček

Statement Summary

TOMÁŠ PETŘÍČEK, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, said that time and again, the international community has witnessed breaches of the Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, including blatant violations of human rights, of State sovereignty and territorial integrity, and even use of chemical weapons.  “Undermining the rules-based international order has far-reaching repercussions for all,” he said, emphasizing the need for accountability and fighting impunity.  He added that the COVID‑19 pandemic jeopardizes efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and risks deepening other existing problems.  In an increasingly interconnected world, effective actions — “that our citizens have every right to expect” — require multilateral solutions.  For the United Nations to deliver lasting solutions, it must have political support, efficient tools and necessary funds.  Emphasizing the need to involve young people, he wished the United Nations on its birthday that it regains the youthful energy of its early days “while preserving the acquired wisdom of a 75-year-old”.