A group of men in the middle of a river building a dike with logs and bags of sand.

Each year, thousands of residents get displaced due to flash floods in Bor, South Sudan. Last year a long embankment constructed to contain the flow of water, collapsed after continued flooding. IOM and partners conducted a detailed technical assessment and identified sections of the dike that were susceptible to further damage. Based on its findings, IOM began repair and maintenance work in the dike by procuring sandbags, wooden posts and bamboo poles to strengthen exposed sections. Youth from the community voluntarily participated in repair works for over a month.


Well over 2,500 migrants and refugees have been forced to sleep rough in Bosnia-Herzegovina for several weeks – on the European Union’s doorstep – despite the fact that suitable sheltered accommodation is available. 

women on the street

Migrants often face lack of clear, accessible information that allows them to make informed decisions, so word-of-mouth myths and prejudices about access to status regularization prevail. “Many migrants are facing the consequences of decisions they made, which were informed by misinformation spreading on social media,” said Leonard Doyle, head of IOM Communications. Two new IOM campaigns are attempting to counter that. “Think Twice” was presented online in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador on 22 October, two days after the virtual launch of “Mistakes by word of mouth," a campaign in Costa Rica. 

man carrying construction materials

In Ethiopia, families displaced by communal violence rebuild their lives, one step at a time

Sunset over Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Protecting Sustainable Livelihoods with Innovative Border Security

A woman holds her arms up on her sides holding a tambourine in one hand.


The side of a mountain with farming terraces.

Six Years After Sinjar Massacre, Support and Services are Vital for Returning Yazidis

screenshot of person playing football

IOM’s Lockdown Film Club is an initiative to keep us all entertained, educated and connected to the issue we care so much about: migration.

Profiles of people standing in front of a balcony

Resettlement Offers a Vital Lifeline to Syrian Refugees

young girl and boy in wheelchairs

Move, Play, Live: How wheelchairs are impacting the lives of a Yemeni brother and sister

A woman prepares Kocho (a traditional bread made from false banana roots) in Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia.

Hope and New Beginnings: Stories of Return for Displaced Families in Ethiopia

A man crouches to reach the eye level of his daughter and exchanges a warm smile with her.

Light and Safety: What Electricity Can Mean for Displaced Families in Yemen

A boy looks out to sea as he stands at the front of a row boat, which has green grass growing inside of it.

Young People Call for Action at the Migration Youth Forum in Ecuador

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