Virtual Reality stories

Around the world, women human rights defenders and women’s rights activists fight for the rights and freedoms of women and all individuals, every day. These four virtual reality films, produced by Google with the support of UN Women and Vital Voices, give a glimpse into the experiences and struggles of four activists, who are fighting to ensure no woman or girl is left behind.


a group of women pose with their surfboards on the beach

ISLAND VOICES: Vanuatu’s new wave of female surfers

In the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu, young women are taking their long boards to the water, refusing to accept the idea that surfing is only for men.

Risma has been surfing since a very young age and, in the face of the challenges that come with being a woman pioneer in a male-dominated sport, she has reached a highly competitive level, and is inspiring a new generation of girls and young women to ride the waves.


Juana Facundo

Indigenous women in Mexico break down language barriers to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in their communities

Juana is one of the five translators working with UN Women in Mexico to break down language barriers in the dissemination of COVID-19 health information and to prevent violence against indigenous women and girls in Jalisco state’s capital city of Guadalajara.

women in science

Women in science who are making a difference during the pandemic

Every corner of the world has felt the devastating impact of the pandemic, and women and girls in science are on the front lines of response. They are healthcare workers and innovators. They are researching vaccines and pioneering treatments. They are leading us toward a safer world, and inspiring the next generation of girls to be forces of good in science and tech.

Ajna Jusić

Claiming women’s space in leadership

Across all sectors, communities and societies, women have key contributions to make to leadership. From politics and corporations to sports and STEM, diverse leadership benefits everyone. Leaders need to represent the people they serve to best understand their wants and needs.