Chandra Kala Thapa, one of many smallholder women farmers from Ranichuri village in Sindhuli district, was barely able to produce enough grains to feed her family. With support from the Joint Programme, she converted her field from grain production to high-value vegetables. UN Women/Narendra Shrestha.


Virtual Reality stories

Around the world, women human rights defenders and women’s rights activists fight for the rights and freedoms of women and all individuals, every day. These four virtual reality films, produced by Google with the support of UN Women and Vital Voices, give a glimpse into the experiences and struggles of four activists, who are fighting to ensure no woman or girl is left behind.


From child bride to UN human rights officer: one Iraqi woman’s journey

An Iraqi woman, who was forced to marry as a teenager and denied access to formal education, is speaking up for victims of human rights abuses. Get to know her incredible journey for human rights.


Racha Affar

"You may be crossing paths with a victim"

In the Arab region, not many countries are addressing human trafficking. Tunisia now has the anti-trafficking law and the National Committee against Trafficking in Persons. Racha is one of the faces in this fight.

Francy L. Jaramillo Piedrahita

"We want our cities and territories safe"

Francy L. Jaramillo Piedrahita is a human rights defender with over a decade of experience working on women’s rights, LGBTQ issues and peacebuilding in Colombia.

Ajna Jusić

"I am a child born out of wartime rape"

Ajna Jusić, 26 years old, is the President of the Forgotten Children of War Association, a psychologist and a feminist from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Know about her story.