Pakistan copes with severe floods (August 2010). Nowshera, Pakistan


How far would you walk to find clean drinking water?

Over 2.4 million children in Somalia desperately need clean drinking water. Their lives depend on it. Share your support during World Water Week. Water is a right, not a privilege.

Look Deeper

Sanitation Work

We all use toilets, but most of us don't have to worry about where our waste goes. That's because there are sanitation workers dealing with that waste. But in many countries these workers are forced to work in horrifying conditions that both endanger their health and lives and leaves them ostracised from society. Explore the stories of sanitation workers.


men working in the forest

Engineering with nature

Rain, landslides, floods… Discover nature-based solutions to prevent soil erosion and protect people in Perak (Malaysia) while implementing biodiversity conservation into riverine landscape.

Guilé Mané

Farming for life

How climate action in the Seychelles is improving access to water, protecting against flooding and supporting communities to adapt to life in a less predictable climate system.

A girl drinks water straight from the tap

Water: The Artery of Life

Aisha and Matias, who met in Congo after fleeing the conflict in Burundi in 2017, have raised their home and, most importantly, a toilet.