Technical Working Group 5: Finance and Investment

Co-Leads: EIB, IEA and UN ECA

This theme will focus on how public and private finance and investment can be mobilized and leveraged to achieve the 2025 Milestones, SDG7 and carbon neutrality, taking also into consideration enabling mechanisms such as the fiscal response to COVID-19, fossil fuel subsidy reform; green investment regulation; risk management and insurance.

Technical Working Group Meeting Summaries
Members Titles & Affiliations
Mr. Abiodun Aina Senior Investment Officer, IFC
Ms. Stephanie Akinyelure Engagement Manager, Group Sustainable Finance, HSBC Group Management Services Limited
Ms. Anunya Bahanda Intern, Savo Project Developers
Ms. Antonella Baldino Head, CDP International Development Finance
Mr. Wiebe Boer CEO, All On/Shell
Ms. Héla Cheikhrouhou Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Nithio
Mr. Chris Chijiutomi Director, Head of Infrastructure Equity, CDC Group
Mr. Anton Eberhard Professor Emeritus, University of Cape Town
Ms. Tariye Gbadegesin Managing Director, ARM Harith Infrastructure Investment Limited
Mr. Andrew Herscowitz Chief Development Officer, DFC
Ms. Heidi Huusko Senior Manager, Environment and Climate, UN Global Compact
Mr. Abyd Karmali Managing Director for Climate Finance, Bank of America
Mr. Filip Koprčina Founder, Energy Shift
Ms. Najada Kumbuli Head of investment, Visa Foundation
Ms. Leslie Labruto Head of Global Energy, Acumen
Mr. Hussain Mogaibel Global Lead Energy Specialist, ISDB
Ms. Teddy Mpinganzima Mugabo CEO, FONERWA
Mr. Joseph Nganga Executive Director, Smart Power Africa
Ms. Hong Paterson Chief Investment Officer, Green Climate Fund
Mr. Miguel Ángel Muñoz Rodriguez Head of Climate Policies and Alliances, IBERDROLA
Ms. Josefina Stubbs Project Manager, Res4Africa Foundation
Mr. Wenhao Sun MPA Candidate at Columbia University, Energy Dialogue Speaker at Youth Summit
Ms. Cecilia Tam Head, OECD Clean Energy Finance and Investment Mobilisation Programme
Ms. Valeria Termini Professor of Political Economics – Università degli Studi di Roma Tre
Ms. Surabhi Visser Head of Investments, SunFunder
Mr. Rigoberto Ariel Yepez-Garcia Energy Division Chief, IADB

Status as of 2 February 2021

Note: In addition to the Members listed below, the technical focal points of UN-Energy organisations will by default participate in any of the Technical Working Groups, as and where relevant.