Awake at Night

Episodes on Global Ceasefire

The ‘Awake at Night’ podcast is an in-depth interview series focused on remarkable frontline United Nations staff members who have dedicated their lives to helping people in parts of the world where people have the hardest lives - war zones, refugee camps, slums and areas hit by pandemics, natural disasters and the devastation of climate change.

We invite listeners to join the UN’s communications chief, Melissa Fleming in her intimate interviews with these unsung heroes who reveal for the first time in public some of their deepest fears and the emotional wounds they carry with them. In calamity, they also find reasons for hope as they bear witness to not just the worst, but also the best of humanity.

Martin Griffiths visits a locally displaced Yemeni woman

S3-Episode 13: All you have to do is your best

This week's guest is Martin Griffiths, the Secretary General's Special Envoy for Yemen, a country that’s been devastated by civil war. Martin’s job is to try to keep open routes to negotiation between the warring parties. He says a mediator has to bring hope to seemingly hopeless situations.

:: Martin Griffiths interviewed by Melissa Fleming