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Guido de Marco (Malta)

Elected President of the forty-fifth session of the General Assembly

Photo of Guido de Marco

The General Assembly elected by acclamation Guido de Marco Deputy Prime Minister of Malta and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Justices as President of its forty-fifth session.

Appointed Deputy Prime Minister of his country in May 1987 - Mr. de Marco was on the same occasion entrusted with the additional portfolios of Minister of Justice and Minister of the Interior. He continued to serve as Malta’s Minister of Justice but relinquished his post at the Ministry of the Interior in May 1989 when he was appointed Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Born at Valletta, Malta, on 22 July 1931, Guido de Marco attended St. Aloysius College where he completed his secondary education. Thereafter, he attended the Royal University of Malta where in 1952 he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy, economics and Italian and in 1955 the degree of Doctor of Laws. Mr. de Marco has practiced law in the Superior Courts of Malta since 1956. He served as Crown Counsel for the Government of Malta during 1964 to 1966. Since 1967, he has been a lecturer and later a Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Malta.

Mr. de Marco's political career spans more than 25 years since he first stood for Parliament on the Nationalist Party ticket in April 1966. On that occasion, he wan elected to a seat in the Malta House of Representatives to which he has been returned in each subsequent general election. In 1972, he became Secretary-General of the Nationalist Party holding that position until 1977, when he was elected Deputy Leader of the Party. Mr. de Marco has been confirmed in that position from 1977 until the present time.

In 1967, the Malta House of Representatives elected Mr. de Marco to be one of its representative to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. During his 20 years of membership in that Assembly, he holds variety of positions, among them, member and rapporteur of the legal affairs committee and vice-president of the committee on rules and procedure.

Mr. de Marco is married and has three children.

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