In celebration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the founding of the United Nations (UN75), the photographic exhibition "Shaping Our Future Together" showcases how staff of the UN system, together with people around the world, are working to build a better future. The photographs portray the faces of the many people served by the Organization in areas including peace and security, human rights, humanitarian aid, sustainable development and international law. In the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, UN staff continue to strive to create a more equal, peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

Endorsed by the UN75 Office, the exhibition has been organized by the United Nations Staff Recreation Council Photographic Society. Almost 600 photographs were submitted by nearly 250 photographers from 122 locations, representing 69 departments, offices, funds and programmes of the UN system, revealing the global commitment of the staff of the common system and the reach of the Organization’s work. The exhibition consists of the most impactful 75 photos and inspiring stories selected by a diverse jury panel and presented in the order of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

We invite the international audience of this online exhibition to reflect on these images of our global community and to continue the dialogue about "The Future We Want".



Photographers: Mohammed Abdullah, Sufian Abdulmouty, Zaid Al-Hayali, Abdulrahman Al-muaalemi, Smritee Bajracharya, David Baracaldo, Animesh Biswas, Kiho Cha, Emanuel Foukou, Silvia Markli Garcia, Abhushan Gautam, John Gillespie, Ollivier Girard, Ellora Guhathakurta, Dan Gutu, Samar Hazboun, Celeste Hibbert, Nguyen Duc Hoang, Steven Humphries, Elisabetta Illy, Maximillian Jacobson –Gonzalez, Rong Jiang, Kevin Jordan, Rochan Kadariya, Lin Kang, Evelyn Kortum, Robertus Andy Kristianto, Niki Kuautonga, Yann Lacayo C., Trans Lieu, Bruno Valim Magalhaes, Florencia Martínez, Roberta Martins, Junior Mayindu, Antonio Garcia Medrano, Helio Miguel, Muse Mohammed, Giulianna Camarena Montenegro, Duncan Moore, Julius Mwelu, Yen Nguyen, Marcus Nield, Dina Oganova, Sae Osawa, Henrique Pacini, Eric Pasqualli, Pierre Peron, Martine Perret, Tshering Phuntsho, Irina Punga, Lin Qi, Jasmin Ramírez Romero, Juan Sacayón, Omer Sadaat, Barbara, Salewski-Ratering, Will Seal, Syed Naveed Shah, Brian Sokol, Rana Sweidan, Amadou Sy, and Karlien Truyens