United Nations Headquarters, Visitors' Lobby
16 November 2017 - 10 January 2018

Harnessing the inspirational power of positive imagery, this photo series aims to encourage girls to dream big and pursue their dreams. By showcasing strong women and girls who have overcome adversity, achieved success in traditionally male dominated sports and industries, and advocated for human rights globally, the series aims to showcase positive role models for girls, and influence the way girls and women are portrayed in the media. Extraordinary female photographers from around the world came together to create this series of images showcasing uplifting stories of girls and women worldwide.

This exhibit was presented by Disney as part of their Dream Big, Princess initiative, in collaboration with the UN Foundation’s Girl Up initiative and UNICEF.

Photographers: Banan Alawneh (UAE), Theresa Balderas (Mexico), Dilan Bozyel (Turkey), Paula Bronstein (USA), Ronit Cohen (Israel), Luisa Dörr (Brazil), Annie Griffiths (USA), Margarita Kareva (Russia), Lulu Liao (China), Cristina Mittermeier (Canada), Ashima Narain (India), Scarlet Page (UK), Kate T. Parker (USA), Ami Vitale (USA), and Laura Zalenga (Germany).