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As part of the mobilization arising from the UN High-Level Dialogue on Energy and the Decade of Action for the SDGs, UN-Energy – as the coordinating body that brings together over 25 UN system and international organizations working on various aspects of sustainable Energy – is supporting all stakeholders to develop and implement commitments in the form of ‘Energy Compacts’.
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Energy Compacts are voluntary commitments of action, with specific targets and timelines to drive the progress on the achievement of SDG7, to accelerate action for clean, affordable energy for all. Open to member states and non-state actors, such as companies, regional/local governments, NGOs and others, more than 150 Energy Compacts have already been registered. Implementation of these commitments will be tracked, and UN-Energy will aim to support the Compacts by providing technical expertise and facilitating partnerships through an Energy Compact Action Network.

Actions defined in an Energy Compact can also contribute to Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement on climate change and achievement of the broader 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. Throughout the current Decade of Action, UN-Energy will continue to mobilize more Energy Compacts, raising their ambition and tracking their progress.

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Six-step Process

Join the Energy Compacts today through a simple six-step process:

energy compacts

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