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The Silent Avant-Garde

The Economic and Social Council Ad Hoc Advisory Groups on African Countries Emerging from Conflict: The Silent Avant-Garde

Book Description: This book presents an assessment of the role, performance and practice of the ECOSOC Ad Hoc Advisory Groups on African Countries Emerging from Conflict. The Mandate of these groups is to prepare recommendations for a long-term programme of support and provide advice on how to ensure that the assistance of the international community is adequate, coherent, well coordinated and effective. This experience constitutes a new form of international support to countries emerging from conflicts within multilateral institutions. The lessons learned from their work are particularly relevant in the context of the increased role of the United Nations in the field of peace building. .

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ISBN: 9211045606

Sales Number: 06.II.A.2
Pages: 168
Binding: Paperback
Format: Print
Dimensions: 6x9
Type: Monograph

Ad Hoc Mechanisms