Volume 16, No.11 - November 2012

Comings and goings


Mr. Hazem FahmyMr. Hazem Fahmy assumed the position as Chief of the Multistakeholder Engagement & Outreach Branch at DESA’s Financing for Development Office (FfDO) in October. Mr. Fahmy started his career in 1987 at the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has served at the Egyptian Mission to the EU, in the Egyptian Foreign Minister’s Cabinet and at the Egyptian Permanent Mission to the UN.

During his term at the UN he was elected Vice President for Africa on the Executive Board of UNDP (2001), and Vice Chairman for Africa on the Bureau overseeing the preparatory process of the International Conference on Financing for Development (Monterrey 2002), as well as the “Rapporteur General” for the Conference.

Mr. Fahmy is currently a Minister Plenipotentiary at the Egyptian Foreign Service seconded to the United Nations’ Secretariat. In addition to his appointment with FfDO in 2003, he has also worked on UN reform issues at the Executive Office of the Secretary-General between January 2006 and January 2007, before returning back to FfDO.

Hazem Fahmy holds a B.A. in Economics from the American University in Cairo (1986), a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University (1990), a Masters of Philosophy in Economics from the New School University (2007) and a PHD in Economics from the New School University (2011).

The following staff members were also promoted in October: 

Adriana Alberti, Sr. Governance & Public Administration Officer, Division for Public Administration and Development Management

Bertha Bravo-Hernandez, Programme Assistant,  Division for Social Policy and Development

Aimee Gao, Information Systems Assistant, Communications and Information Management Service


The following staff member retired in October: 

Jean Collison-Morris, Finance & Budget Assistant, Executive Office