Online platform encourages global engagement in support of SDGs


UN DESA and its Division for Sustainable Development has launched a new online platform to encourage global engagement around partnerships and voluntary commitments in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are expected to be formally adopted on 25 September by 193 countries.

Partnerships for the Sustainable Development Goals is an information tool that will inform businesses, organisations and individuals on the initiatives that are being implemented as a result of global partnerships and commitments that have been made to help reach the sustainable development goals.

This free and public resource was initially developed in response to decisions made at the Rio+20 conference. It aims to set the standard for how information on multi-stakeholder partnerships is published as well as encourage further global partnerships engagement around the goals

SDGs_partnership_wideIt will use data collated by the UN to show users the progress made in sustainable development as a result of such collaborations. It will also provide a forum in which stakeholders can network and share ideas for other projects that could further help the world on its way to sustainable development.

To continue to build upon and improve the tool, the UN will be asking interested stakeholders for their views. They will invite stakeholders to comment on a number of issues related to global partnerships and the sustainable development agenda asking how supportive this tool really is.

From the 1st of October until November, interested parties can fill out an online survey to give their views and contribute to the development of the Partnerships for Sustainable Development project.

You can find out more about the tool and register your initiative in support of the goals here.

Source: UN Summit on Sustainable Development website

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