Achieving the future we want through civil society engagement

Achieving future we want through civil society engagement (UN Photo/Luiz-Roberto Lima)

As part of the ongoing follow-up of the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development, DESA’s Division for Sustainable Development will host a Google+ Hangout on Tuesday, 26 March at 1 PM EST (5 PM GMT), featuring key experts and stakeholders on Rio+20 and sustainable development from the Major Groups and civil society.

The second in a series of Google+ Hangouts will highlight the successes of the Major Groups and other stakeholders at the Rio+20 conference and the views of civil society on the positive and concrete outcomes of the conference, as well as the Major Groups’ ongoing follow up of the conference. This Hangout will be hosted on the United Nations Google+ account.

The Google+ Hangout will also feature a 20-minute live Q&A session with the panelists. Questions can be tweeted to @SustDev using #SDinAction, or they can post questions on the Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform Facebook page or register for one of our Sustainable Development Action Networks to join the conversation there.

Panelists for the second “Sustainable Development in Action” Google+ Hangout include Corinne Woods, Director of the UN Millennium Campaign; Chantal Line Carpentier, Major Groups Programme Coordinator at DESA’s Division for Sustainable Development; Farooq Ullah, Director of Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future; Maruxa Cardama, Former Secretary-General of the Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development (NRG4SD); and Jeffery Huffines, Organizing Partner of the NGO Major Group. The hangout will be moderated by John Romano, Social Media Focal Point for DESA’s Division for Sustainable Development.

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