Follow up to Rio+20 and launch of Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform

Follow up to Rio+20 and launch of SD Knowledge Platform

Rio+20, the largest conference ever convened by the United Nations, ushers in a new era for implementing sustainable development. The Conference was a rare opportunity for the world to focus on a range of sustainability issues – to examine ideas, forge partnerships and share solutions.

The Rio+20 Conference concluded with a political outcome, The Future We Want – agreed to by all 193 countries, which charts the way forward for international cooperation on sustainable development.

Among several ground breaking decisions, Member States decided to launch a process to develop a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which will build upon the Millennium Development Goals and converge with the post 2015 development agenda.

Governments further agreed to establish a high-level political forum for sustainable development. The forum – which will ultimately replace and carry on the functions of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) – aim at having its first session at the beginning of the 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly, with the inclusion of all member states and strong and inclusive participation of all major groups of society.

In addition, Rio+20 saw the announcements of over 700 voluntary commitments by governments, businesses and other civil society partners, focusing on concrete actions that will deliver results on the ground in addressing specific needs, such as sustainable energy and transport. The Conference also witnessed the formation of new partnerships for advancing sustainable development.

After Rio+20, the international community looks at concrete actions in implementing decisions taken in Rio – an effort that will take the full strength of the entire international community, including the joint efforts of the United Nations family.

As a follow-up to Rio+20, the Secretariat of the Conference – the Division for Sustainable Development within UN-DESA – is launching a new web portal; the Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform (SDKP), available at

The platform carries the spirit of Rio in terms of wealth of information and openness towards stakeholders, including nineteen years of normative and analytical work of the Commission on Sustainable Development – a critical historical record that leads us towards the future we want. The platform is the go to place for Rio+20 follow-up, and includes information on topics such as the high-level political forum, sustainable development goals, voluntary commitments, green economy, and other thematic areas, including energy, food security, oceans, and sustainable cities, among others.

Stakeholders with an existing username/password to the Rio+20 conference website ( may hold on to it, as the same is valid for the SDKP. Registered users will in the coming weeks be able to interact more extensively with the platform and its large groups of other registered stakeholders, including sharing relevant news, publications, meetings, take part in consultative processes, report on voluntary commitments, signing up for partnerships, and more.

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