A dynamic dialogue for Sustainable Development Goals


Major Groups and other stakeholders will have an intersessional meeting with members of the Open Working Group on sustainable development goals this Friday on 22 November, just before the Group holds its fifth session from 25 to 27 November. They will be able to make suggestions on how the Open Working Group could address several cross-cutting issues regarding the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The meeting will be designed as a dynamic dialogue. It will help conceptualize a number of things, such as: practical approaches to rights-based SDGs that integrate the three dimensions of sustainable development; SDGs that are designed to eradicate poverty, mitigate inequalities and lead to inclusiveness; how to make good governance and multi-stakeholder partnerships the building blocks of the SDGs; how to design SDGs that foster human and economic development within planetary boundaries.

The Co-Chairs of the Open Working Group will co-chair the sessions with members of Major Groups and other stakeholders and have invited Open Working Group Member States to attend at the highest level. They will circulate a summary with highlights of the discussions at the Open Working Group’s fifth session.

Follow the sessions live via @SustDev
Since not all stakeholders with an interest in contributing to the conversation will be able to attend the event, several measures to collect their inputs will be taken. Major Groups and other Stakeholders will be able to share their inputs in a pre-consultation ahead of 22 November, on the Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform.

Both the intersessional and the Open Working Group meeting will be live streamed on UN Web TV and @SustDev will be live-tweeting using #SustDev.

It will also be possible to send comments and questions to the participants at the intersessional meeting via @SustDev, using #SustDev. 

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