Empowering people to advance development

“Empowerment has many meanings. I think ultimately it is about people and the human potential that is within us all,” says Daniela Bas, Director of DESA’s Division for Social Policy and Development (DSPD), as her team prepares for an expert group meeting on this topic. Ahead of the September meeting, they seek people’s input and questions on empowerment.

On 10-12 September 2012, DSPD is gathering experts in New York to focus on the theme “Promoting people’s empowerment in achieving poverty eradication, social integration and full employment and decent work for all”. The meeting is part of the preparations for the 51st session of the Commission for Social Development, scheduled to take place in February 2013.

“We have a unique chance to contribute, and to help shape future policies that can have a major impact on people’s empowerment across the globe,” says Ms. Bas, highlighting that there are two ways in which the online community can contribute with ideas and questions.

There is an online survey on empowerment, which runs through 5 September. Just launched and available until 7 September, is also an online forum on Facebook, where people are invited to share questions on empowerment. They can also send in queries via Twitter using @UNDESA and #EmpowerPeople. Questions should focus on the theme of the expert group meeting and must also be linked to social groups including people living in poverty, youth, older persons, persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples and families.

At the meeting in September, experts will respond to selected questions from the online community. This part of the event will also be available on 12 September on DESA’s Youtube channel.

“Your input matters. Empower yourself and inspire the world,” encourages Daniela Bas.

For more information:

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Facebook forum event (open until 7 September)

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